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Hay Day Hack – The Best Way To Get Free Diamonds

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Hay day hack is on Android and iPhone now!

Hay-Day-Hack-AndroidAfter I first began playing with I could not figure out why and squandered lots of diamonds. I had been mad at the originators believing they have to know about this ‘glitch’ in the game.

I’ve learned several ways NOT to squander diamonds that were rashly, thanks God.

To begin with, what do I mean by ‘squandering diamonds’. You can even spend them on things to purchase including bushes, trees, animals, machines etc.

Nevertheless, there are times when they can be inadvertently spent by you by not meaning.

While attempting to buy goodies to progress in the sport, among the primary ways I ‘d by chance spend these in the store was. But in the event you keep finger that can be easily avoided by you.

One more way to squander diamonds is to do as I mentioned above and make your food in your garden immediately grow, or a creature immediately produce, or have your machines immediately create. This one is somewhat more difficult to completely prevent, but it is possible to get it done should you make an effort to SLOW down and observe is occurring on screen. In case you must touch up an animal or something below that diamond speed, then halt and reposition the job speed alternative up has transferred and you’ll be able to quickly reach whatever it’s you needed to do.

So these would be the greatest two methods that can allow you to prevent lots of wasted spending of diamonds:

While in the main store (where you get things like trees or garden spots) keep your finger to that particular far left and off the things to be bought until you truly need to create a purchase.

Slow down and be alert to where choice is sped up by the diamond is at all times.

Another WASTE to prevent is spending money that is unnecessary in the Roadside store.

When you’re shopping at another person ‘s roadside store that happens and you’re scrolling through the goodies they have for sell. Scrolling is considerably quicker since you also can unintentionally buy something should you place your fingers on the shopping cartons but a TERRIBLE idea. It is not interesting when its a $1000 thing that you just do not want like 10 bacon and egg breakfasts!

hay day hack proofIn order to avoid spending cash and buying things you do not want, scroll through people’s store at the underside of the store in between those two arrows (if you even find them) these are covered up by photos of two of your buddies at all times. So keep your fingers between your buddy’s faces (careful to not touch them or you find yourself inside their roadside stores’ and leave the existing store your were in). Just scroll right or left through here. Scrolling is not faster because you’ve got to be cautious, but you’ll totally prevent unwanted purchases.

After you read about all method that I explain for playing Hay Day on your smartphone, I have some “shortcut” to speed all things above. Yes, really! Go here to read more about how to get some free imvu credits.